Mejo Wiggin

Studied with Romana since 1990, has appeared in over 5 Pilates DVD’s and was certified by Master Teacher Romana as a Teacher Trainer for Romana’s Pilates in 2003.

She has taught professional athletes, movie stars, models and celebrities as well as students coming in for rehabilitation. She has taught seminars throughout the US, Europe, Scandinavia, Russia, S. America, and China.

CADILLAC: Imbalances and injuries: techniques to help the student.

MeJo has been referred to by many top doctors in NYC to help rehabilitate patients with ailments including back pain, scoliosis, shoulder and hip injuries.

This workshop will cover some of the most common imbalances and injuries we see in our student.

We will use exercises on the Cadillac to help strengthen, stretch, and realign specific parts of the  body to help bring it into better balance.

How to teach the WUNDA CHAIR safely.

The Wunda Chair is one of the most difficult pieces of apparatus to teach.  This workshop MeJo will take you through some of the most common exercises we teach on the Wunda chair and show you how your cueing and spotting can completely change the exercise.  Come see how you can get more out of your students and get them to work harder.

ADVANCED MAT: challenge and fun for your students.

This is a workshop for anyone that teaches Advanced Mat classes. We will go through the Classical Pilates Mat and MeJo will show you some fun and challenging variations you can introduce to your class. When students have a strong powerhouse, it’s fun to play. Get ready to workout and do what you can, we are all going to move and sweat by the end!

REFORMER: Body reading and adjustments through Footworks.

Romana used to say that “Footwork is the most important exercise you do on the reformer.” Not only does Footwork prepare you up for the rest of your session, but it acts as a map for the teacher to see what is going on with your body. You will start to see imbalances in a persons body just watching their footwork, and we will find ways to improve this essential exercise.

SPINE E LADDER BARREL: keeping the Flow in Barrels.

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