Kathryn Ross-Nash

Kathryn began her Pilates training in 1982 and has had the privilege to study with First Generation teachers Romana Kryzanowska, Kathy Grant, Sari Mejia Santo, Jay Grimes and Edwina Fontaine.

She worked closely with Romana for many years and was a Certified Romana’s Pilates Level 2 Trainer. She was honored to be the first Pilates instructor to train the dancers of the Vaganova School in St. Petersburg Russia and has taught in Chile, Australia, Spain, Russia and throughout the United States. Kathryn was a principle dancer for ten years with Ballet Hispanico of NY.

The fluidity in the transitions of MAT exercises.

A true Pilate’s workout is one continuous flow of energy, building and deepening from beginning to end. It is not only the exercises but it is the space between them that creates this flow. Each transition, at every level of the work, is a carefully constructed link, an exercise that connects the work. These transitions, if done correctly, not only keep your connection to the Powerhouse, but also introduce and hone exercises to come. Learn to increase your flow, depth of the workout and how to move though the spaces between. Each transition is an exercise! The space between each exercise connects you to the next and prepares your for what is to come.

REFORMER Exercise’s Challenge.

So many variations and so little time… This workshop unveils the why, what, when and who of choosing the correct variation for the needs of the client. When the purpose of each exercise is focused on, the variation choice is simplified. In this workshop you will learn not only what to choose, but why to use one variation over another and maintain purpose of each exercise.

Spine rotation and flexing: building the exercises in the WUNDA CHAIR.

The Wunda Chair is known for its ability to build strength. Rotation is integrated into our every day life. It resets the spine to balance and increases your breath. Learn how to properly use the Chair to build the strength needed for the advanced and super advanced Reformer exercises. The Wunda can provide and teach the points of stability and oppositional forces used and implanted through out the method and applied to rotation. Learn how to use this Wundaful chair in all its glory to find new depth in your Twist.

Rolling Back Bar: Building Strength and Stretching on CADILLAC.

The Roll Back Bar is one of the most versatile tools on the Cadillac. The list of exercises is endless. Used to create awareness of the alignment of the Box, this simple Bar also builds strength and length. It truly teaches the application of the Two Way Stretch, which is needed to correctly execute the work of Joe Pilates.

Barra de Rolling Back: construção da força e alongamento no CADILLAC.

A barra de Rolling Back é uma das ferramentas mais versáteis do Cadillac. A lista de exercícios é infinita. Usado para criar consciência do alinhamento da caixa, esta barra simples também cria força e comprimento. Ele realmente ensina a aplicação do alongamento bidirecional, que é necessário para executar corretamente o trabalho de Joe Pilates.

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