Sean Gallagher

Sean Gallagher is owner and founder of The New York Pilates Studio®.

Using his extensive Pilates archives, he developed the first professional Pilates teacher training certification. Renowned Physiotherapist, Master of Clinical Nutrition from Bridgeport University and PhD in Physical Therapy from The Canadian College of Osteopathy. He currently works in the dance field with the teams of Broadway dancers. Alumni Fellow Award from Temple University’s School of Allied Health for her achievements in the field of dance and physical therapy medicine. Associate Professor at New York University’s Doctoral Physical Therapy, New School University and Marymonout Manhattan institutions.

LECTURE: History of Pilates Exercises.

Possible influences of exercises through his childhood in developing Joe’s work. Organized exercise started in Germany in the early 1800’s and progressed to the point that it became parto f the educational system as well as being practiced in Exercise clubs (Turner clubs) all over Germany and anywhere Germans went around the world. Most of Joe’s apparatus ideas were not original. We will be looking at how many of the diferente exercise apparatus that was developed in the 1800’s would have influenced Joe’s ideas as well as were the possible foundations of what he was to develop in making his unique apparatus


LECTURE: Back to origins: Joe’s life and work.

We will be looking at how the exercises through photo documentation show that Joe didn’t change his exercise over the years and also to demeonstrate what did change. Looking at the “Breath” of the different accessories that Joe invented and documented. Using films, photo’s, bluepints, writings and áudio of Joe teaching to help provide a historical understanding of Joe’s work.

LECTURE: Joe, 50 years ahead of his time.

Joe said he was 50 years ahead of his time, is science is proving him right. Looking at the presente day reseach in exercise, movement, physiology, medicine and seeing if what Joe did, advocted and taught is either supporting his work or not. From na evidence based apparoch we will be looking at the exercises, the effects of what the exercise do on the body as well as the body mind spirit connections.

LECTURE: Change the exercise with into use of different equipment.

Why changing the equipment changes the work and thus changes what it does to the body? Physics and mechanics are part  of the foundation of understanding how Joes apparatus work and effect the body. We will be exploring how the way Joe made his apparatus effect and provide a certain way of working the body. We will also show how changing the apparatus that so many have done over the past 30 years is changing what the work does to the body and thus is not really providing what Joe had intended when he invented his apparatus.

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