Junghee Won

Originally from Seoul, Korea Junghee Won started Pilates in 1993 at New York University with  Wei Tai Hom and was certified under the supervision by Romana Kryzanowska at The New York Pilates Studio® in New York City.

Junghee co-founded Korea’s first Pilates studios in Seoul, Korea. Junghee holds three degrees, BA Dance Education Kyunghee University in Seoul Korea, MA Dance and Dance Education New York University in NYC and Ph. D. Kyunghee University in Seoul, Korea. Junghee works at Cando Fitness in Edgewater NJ and The New York Pilates Studio® in NYC with Sean Gallagher PT as a Teacher of Teachers and travel internationally for the workshops.

Return to Life Through Contrology – Approach and applications of 34 original MAT exercises.

In this course, we will look closely the original Joseph Pilates Mat 1934 exercises as detailed in the 1945 book “Return to Life through Contrology”.  As we study Joe’s original versions, we will deepen the knowledge about his original intention of each Contrology exercise performed on the mat. Through this study we will also understand that – depending on the body condition- why it may be necessary to modify the original exercises while retaining Joe’s original intention. Current knowledge of the Mat exercises can be compared to the originals. See through carefully attention to the details how “Contrology” changes the body. While some of the exercises will be familiar the more challenging will be considered or opposite.

LECTURE – Different ways of looking and positioning the student during class.

If you are a Pilates instructor and teach your clients with all different body types, you might struggle in some body types into the position and adding the movement, which is the action to the real work. It can come from bone structure, injuries, movement habits from the past, range of motion, etc. As an instructor you need to have good eyes. If you understand the body type, you might want to modify or adjust some placement for the body. In this lecture, I like to show some pictures of the placement of the exercises which we often use. So you can teach how the body can be in right place for the exercises.

SPINE e LADDER BARREL: who, when and how to do.

Barrels are great tools for stretching mostly on spine, opening hips and stretching legs. You can do a lot of back extension and flexion on spine as well as side bends. Creating bigger range of motion on spine, you need to know how to open up the space of the spinal columns. For the reason, the body needs to be ready through the other exercises on other apparatus.  It means you need to be coordinated with strengthening and stretching in safe way with your Powerhouse. In order to that, Barrels are not for the beginners. Since people know how to stretch within safe and correct way, they start to love Barrels! Many people struggle with tight shoulders and crooked spine. Barrels can help these efficiently. In this workshop, we will review the exercises on the barrels- Spine Corrector and Ladder Barrel. Plus, some modifications.

Rhythm and Flow on the REFORMER.

The rhythm and flow to each exercise in the Classical sequence is another strong principle in teaching Authentic Pilates. In the Reformer order of exercises, the transitions from one movement to another create a continuous flow and allow clients to be efficient and effective in their sessions. If you give too many corrections, it will disrupt that flow. Learn instead to correct while the body is in motion, coordinating the mind with the body, hence the art of Contrology! In this workshop we will review the rhythm and flow on the reformer and the advanced and often used super advanced reformer. This is an excellent opportunity to practice some of the super advanced exercises so you can challenge your own practice as well as your advanced level clients.

WUNDA CHAIR Adaptations and symmetry of exercises.

Wunda Chair exercises are individually selected/extended for the reasons in the session after Reformer and MAT. Understanding the system of Pilates method and it gives you the idea HOW to select the exercises on other apparatus. Wunda Chair is one of them.

Great things about Wunda Chair is Challenging.  Reviewing of the exercises in the Reformer and MAT and Working symmetrically in most of the exercises. We will see HOW in this workshop.

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