Inelia Garcia

Selected by Romana to start the Pilates method in Brazil, passionate about body and movement.

Inelia graduated in Physical Education from the University of Chile and in the 1980s moved to Brazil. Since then, his career has been marked by much study and dedication. The connection with the Pilates Method came about in 1994 and completed the training with Master Teacher Romana Kryzanowska in New York.

Continuing its professional success, in 1999, Sean Gallagher and Romana received the title of the only Authorized Certification Center in Latin America. With such dedication, Romana soon realized that Inelia would be a faithful supporter of the Pilates Method and named her with the title of Teacher of Teachers to continue with the legacy of the Method in Brazil – Contrology.

Director of The Pilates Studio® Brazil, Chile and Portugal; Today has the largest Pilates network in Brazil. Successful businesswoman, conciliates the career of entrepreneur without leaving aside the teaching. Recognized and awarded worldwide in the area of ​​fitness and well-being, it acts in several international and national conventions.

Graduated in Physical Education, Postgraduate in rhythmic gymnastics, dance, maintenance gymnastics and exercise physiology, creator of Methods of Conscious Stretching and Ballness, Director The Pilates Studio® Brazil and named Teacher of Teachers of the Authentic Pilates Method by Romana Kryzanowska, Minister Certification Courses in the Authentic Pilates Method in Brazil, Portugal and Latin America.

LECTURE: Pre-Pilates: Body Builders.

Joseph was always ahead of his time and, thinking about the longevity of life with quality, left a series of exercises that he called “exercises for home” and which Romana Kryzanowska affectionately named Pre-Pilates. The exercises are suitable for any age group and work in preparation for better performance of Pilates exercises, avoiding injuries and improving body function, not to mention that they are an important tool to stimulate the elderly and people recovering from injuries. With small daily tasks it is possible to improve the flexibility and tone, which are fundamental factors to perform daily activities such as sitting, walking, lifting and the like, obtaining a physical and mental longevity, achieving health and well being.

The teaching technique, adaptations and applications of the Intermediate REFORMER.

The systematization of the method accompanies our process of psychomotor development. Therefore, the understanding of the teaching technique is essential to have a natural and pleasurable experience in the reformer. Let’s understand the body building for the intermediate exercises of the reformer, which is the one that works the most in the studios, along with 5 more advanced exercises. The use of the appliances are essential to prepare the body in the different positions and requests that the reformer requires. In this lab you can see how exercises are linked to different devices. In Pilates, the body works in a global and integrated way. The method works the exercises in a linked way to offer different experiences and stimuli in the construction of Contrology.

How to build REFORMER exercises: the key to the success of your classes.

The Reformer is one of the leading apparatus used in a Pilates Studio. Learn how to build the exercises on different devices making it easy to perform the exercises in Reformer. Learn to preserve the individuality of customers using System and work safely. Learn how to help and position yourself in Reformer exercises, the professional should also be concerned about your health and injury prevention.

Working with Magic Circle using MAT.

he use of the Magic Circle, which is a fantastic accessory, since it offers a resistance and gives a support to intensify the work of power house and precision of the movement, leading to a better control of the body and thus to be able to work upper and lower limbs , Obtaining a harmonious, strong and flexible body. It is a motivational and challenging agent for the student. Learn to work with this accessory.

The teaching technique of the construction of Contrology in the WUNDA CHAIR.

How to work the exercises of the Wunda Chair in a pedagogical way, building control of the body and the movement of the student. Learn how to teach the – complexity and challenges to obtain the art of Contrology.

Applying the CADILLAC Short Box.

The short box series is the basis for working on the principle of Centralization (box and Power House). The short box exercises lead us to have a strong center to be able to work, also, the flexibility of the column, safely. Learn how to use the rolling back bars, push trough, springs to effectively work this principle for different audiences and with satisfactory results. Your classes will become motivating and diverse, helping to ensure student loyalty.

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