Alisa Wyatt

Alisa has been teaching the Authentic Pilates since 1999 when she left her high-powered publishing job to spread her passion for Pilates.

Realizing there was a need to preserve Joseph Pilates’ original style of teaching, she and her husband Jack created Pilatesology, the only website offering video instruction solely dedicated to classical Pilates. She was trained and certified by Pilates legend, Romana Kryzanowska, in New York City where she ran a highly successful studio for a decade before moving home to California. Too has studied extensively with Jay Grimes and Kathy Grant. In addition to dedicating to the Pilatesology channel,Alisa too specializes in publications for New York Magazine, Departures, Shape, Glamor and Pilates Style.

Joe MAT 1945: What has changed in the exercises to the present day

In order to gain a better understanding of the method, we will practice the mat using the exact order and instructions from Joseph Pilates 1945 book, Return to Life​. We’ll explore how the exercises, instructions and repetitions have changed since the book was published and how those changes affect the workout. To get deeper into key exercises, and how we can best apply them to our clients individual needs, we will learn and practice specific hands-on cues used by Romana, Jay Grimes and Kathy Grant.

Focus! How to achieve exercise goals in REFORMER

Romana often told her apprentices, “Pay attention to the purpose of the exercise” and you’ll know how to teach it. In this workshop, you’ll feel how the exercises goals of the influence your own body and how focusing on them can simplify your teaching. Get a fresh perspective on what you teach everyday along with practical techniques for fixing the common issues in your clients.

Romana’s Reformer using the CADILLAC

Romana often taught her advanced students a special workout on the Cadillac that followed the order of the Reformer. Learn the version she taught to Alisa many times at Drago’s gym in NYC.

Body strength and stability: the challenges of the WUNDA AND ELETRIC CHAIR

As teachers we use the Pilates Chairs when our clients need strength and stability in their bodies. Learn tips for creating your own sequences on the Wunda Chair that will challenge the most athletic client, quick ways to achieve optimal alignment on the Electric Chair.

Stretch out! The benefits of LADDER BARREL for the spine and lower limbs

The Ladder Barrel stretches and extends areas that clients need to expand, especially pectoral and lower limbs. This workshop will show you how to make the best choice for your client’s different exercises and learn how to use the Ladder Barrel to go beyond the Swan Dive and Ballet Stretches. Come to extend yourself and deepen your knowledge in the use of this important device.

Inversion progression on the LADDER BARREL & building the body stability with the ELETRIC CHAIR

Learn which exercises to choose for different body needs, how to transmit safety and confidence, the correct use of hands in the aids and learn finalizations that you can use in your class.The Ladder Barrel can be used to teach inversions for every client from beginner to advanced.

We will explore safe and gentle inversions that anyone can start with and how to progress to complete inversions for clients who are ready. The Electric Chair  is one of the most-used apparatus for basic and intermediate students because it quickly builds stability in the Powerhouse. The clients often notice the difference in their strength from one week to the next.

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